Interior House Painting Projects

Our painters will cover carpets, remove wall hangings and move and cover furniture. We check all walls for minor imperfections such as nail pops, cracked seams, etc. and repair them before we paint.We work with you to decide what types of paints and colors meet your decorating needs. Additionally, after each job is completed we place everything back in its original location.

Exterior House Painting Projects

Our painters prepare the trim surfaces of your house to ensure the best paint adhesion. Contaminants such as dirt, mold and mildew can affect the quality of the exterior painting job and pressure washing is recommended to clean and prepare these problem areas. However, we may still need to scrape the remaining areas to remove any loose or peeling paint. In addition, we check to ensure that the caulking around joints and trim is in good condition and if not, we recaulk. We use only the highest quality exterior painting products and warranty our painting against peeling or cracking under normal conditions for a year.


All Phases of Drywall

Virtually all interior paint jobs require some drywall repair. We routinely fix nail pops and other small repairs, and can retape seams when necessary. We also repair drywall due to water leaks or openings made by plumbers or electricians. In addition, we do complete drywall jobs, hanging and finishing drywall, in areas ranging from rooms to complete finished basements and interiors.

Crown Moulding, Chair Rails and Custom Trim

Our carpenters install all types of crown moulding, chair rails, shadow boxes and other custom trim. Custom trimwork can cover rough edges, enhance open spaces and give your home a distinctive look and character. Unlike some carpenters, when we install custom trim, we caulk it and fill all nail holes ready for finished painting.

Carpentry and Rotten Wood Repair

Our carpenters provide carpentry services ranging from framing to finished cabinetry. We routinely remove and repair rotten exterior wood trim prior to painting of exteriors.


Finished Basements

We provide complete basement finishing services, from initial design consulting through framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, drywall, trim and painting. We work with licensed subcontractors who are fully knowledgeable on county codes. Working with the homeowner, we can provide an additional living area that can be functional and truly enjoyable.

Our Specialties Include

  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • All Phases of Drywall
  • Crown Moulding and Custom Trim
  • Carpentry and Rotten Wood Repair
  • Finished Basements and Remodeling